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I use a combo of vanilla(Nielsen Massey Vanilla) and french vanilla flavoring, and it's very tasty.cakeymom
I baked, just not with consistent results. I still sometimes have a goof!!! But, I can pretty much nail it now.Start off by doing some research, I know it sounds geeky, but baking is truly a science.A couple good books that I used, and found at the public library are:The Art of the Cake: Modern French Baking and Decorating by Bruce Healy and Paul BugatThe Cake Bible by Rose Levy BeranbaumCake Love by Warren BrownThese will really help you to understand baking, as they go...
I agree with earlier posts. I always, always, always use waxed paper to line my pans. On my flower nail I grease and flour and never have a problem with it taking cake with it.I wouldn't rebake just neatly patch and keep going.Good luck,cakeymom
I was not disappointed in the magazine as much I as am with the fact that I have only rec'd the first issue. I contacted Cake Central three times about my second issue. I heard something back the first time, but nothing after that. While I could not even image what goes into publishing a magazine and I know that there are some kinks to work out. But. I paid 60.00 that if I'm not going to get the magazine, I would love to get to get a refund on the difference. Heck I...
...Bump I can't believe that no one has made a cake using the new Cricut Cake machinecakeymom
I don't have the Cricut Cake and am still trying to decide on it.But, I would love to see pictures of cakes done with the Cricut Cake to try and help me to decide if it's worth it.Thanks,cakeymom
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IMBC, but most people do not know what it is let alone SMBC. They are so used to what I call decorators icing(Butter/shortening, powdered sugar and flavoring).If I did a poll to today at work I'd be surprised if 1 out of 50 knew what a "True" buttercream was.Just the nature of what people have become accustom to. However, I have tried it with adults who are looking for a less sweet icing. I've even mixed half IMBC with decorators icing with good...
Here's a cake that I did using a preprinted transfer sheet. The technique is very easy and Country Kitchen has them on their website. I applied a thin coat of chocolate onto the sheet and let it set briefly and then wrapped it onto the cake and once dry I peeled it off.My sister loved it!!!!!
Sorry, I forgot to mention that the layers will be separate.cakeymom
Do you mind showing us the cake???cakeymom
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