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Has anyone gotten good results with Wilton Gumpaste yet????cakeymom
I found a beautiful clip art flower design that I would love to replicate on some cookies for a cookie bouquet for my aunt's b'day. Only I don't have a projector and the design is to intricate to free hand.Without any tips I'll have to go with something simpler and this aunt is very special and I'd love to give her a beautiful cookie bouquet that is equally as special. I must start on it by tomorrow night.Help cakeymom
You're right, Why should you bake from scratch? It's a matter of preference. I happen to prefer scratch, and my clients like my product. Obviously your clients like your product.Besides, I think most of us on CC are tired of this dead horse being revived over and over again.Good luck with your baking and do what makes YOU happiest cakeymom
There is a thread on CC on how to make a flexible royal icing so piping and then transferring the design will be easy.cakeymom
I've done tons of cookies and place the stick in after they bake and I rarely ever have a problem with breakage, or decorating.So, I guess it's just a matter of preference.cakeymom
How about a mad hatter/topsy turvy style cake using blues, yellows and greens. You could do the cats in very playful colors as well. The cats could be decorated cookies and you could do extra to hand out as favors.Just my two cents.Good Luck,cakeymom
This cake is screaming caramel buttercream.Just my opinion,cakeymom
I use a combo of vanilla(Nielsen Massey Vanilla) and french vanilla flavoring, and it's very tasty.cakeymom
I baked, just not with consistent results. I still sometimes have a goof!!! But, I can pretty much nail it now.Start off by doing some research, I know it sounds geeky, but baking is truly a science.A couple good books that I used, and found at the public library are:The Art of the Cake: Modern French Baking and Decorating by Bruce Healy and Paul BugatThe Cake Bible by Rose Levy BeranbaumCake Love by Warren BrownThese will really help you to understand baking, as they go...
I agree with earlier posts. I always, always, always use waxed paper to line my pans. On my flower nail I grease and flour and never have a problem with it taking cake with it.I wouldn't rebake just neatly patch and keep going.Good luck,cakeymom
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