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I was not disappointed in the magazine as much I as am with the fact that I have only rec'd the first issue. I contacted Cake Central three times about my second issue. I heard something back the first time, but nothing after that. While I could not even image what goes into publishing a magazine and I know that there are some kinks to work out. But. I paid 60.00 that if I'm not going to get the magazine, I would love to get to get a refund on the difference. Heck I...
...Bump I can't believe that no one has made a cake using the new Cricut Cake machinecakeymom
I don't have the Cricut Cake and am still trying to decide on it.But, I would love to see pictures of cakes done with the Cricut Cake to try and help me to decide if it's worth it.Thanks,cakeymom
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IMBC, but most people do not know what it is let alone SMBC. They are so used to what I call decorators icing(Butter/shortening, powdered sugar and flavoring).If I did a poll to today at work I'd be surprised if 1 out of 50 knew what a "True" buttercream was.Just the nature of what people have become accustom to. However, I have tried it with adults who are looking for a less sweet icing. I've even mixed half IMBC with decorators icing with good...
Here's a cake that I did using a preprinted transfer sheet. The technique is very easy and Country Kitchen has them on their website. I applied a thin coat of chocolate onto the sheet and let it set briefly and then wrapped it onto the cake and once dry I peeled it off.My sister loved it!!!!!
Sorry, I forgot to mention that the layers will be separate.cakeymom
Do you mind showing us the cake???cakeymom
I'd love to know how you altered the gumpaste as well.
I experimented this weekend with Jello for the flavoring of an 8" round I used 1 oz of Jello. The flavor did not come out, so I tried 2 oz for the 8" round and now I'm getting a slight after taste from the citric compound in the Jello.The color is not deep enough for my taste as well.So, my thoughts are to use extracts or to use juices/puree and small amounts of zest. To enhance the flavor. I need to have this cake for this Wednesday so ordering extracts is not an...
Just a thought. Home Slices, Slices of Home, Slice of Heaven?Good Luckcakeymom
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