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How do I incorporate desktop design software in making edible images?? I saw a site gumdropcookieshop and they have some beautiful cookies and with me on the verge of purchasing a printer deticated to edile imaging how do I bring the two mediums together???? I don't have the first clue where to start???cakeymom
When using edible images exactly how do they work when applied to royal icing and/or fondant??? Is there anything special that you have to do when applying them as opposed to when used with buttercream on a cake?cakeymom
I found a site that has me inspired to get an edible image printer. Only I have no idea how to replicate these types of designs. The site is Gumdropcookieshop dot com. It looks like I'll need some type of design software, but all of that is very foreign to me, having never tried my hand at it??????Any help????? These cookies are divine.cakeymom
DianeLM your idea is very close to what I came up with. This cake won't be until late spring next year so I have plenty of time to do a small scale practice version.Thanks for the suggestion,cakeymom
I've been contacted about making a retirement cake for a school bus driver and I have no idea how to properly support it.It will be a 3D bus on top of a sheet cake. The cake needs to feed 100 people. How do I support the cake on top of the sheet cake???? The bus part of the cake will have support inside of it, but what about the bus on the cake?? I also need for the wheels to be on top of the cake so that leaves a gap between the bottom of the bus to the top of the...
I was thinking printer too. Ok, let me ask this is it better to convert a printer vs buying directly from a company?cakeymom
I have no idea what to do with some extra money that I've saved. I could try to purchase a Cricut cake on Ebay or I could invest in an edible printer. I just don't know which one will give me more bang for my buck in the long run.Any ideas or issues for me to think about would be greatly appreciated.cakeymom
I tried placing a chocolate transfer pattern onto fondant after reading some of the posts about it. It does not completely adhere but for my animal print cookies it was not noticeable by the person I gave the cookies to.cakeymom
Help???? Anybody have any other suggestions???? Tonight is when I need to get started?????? cakeymom
Fondant is fine just let it dry a little bit then you won't have to use powdered sugar to aid in the cutting, which is a mess to clean off the letters.cakeymom
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