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I need a recipe for a fluffy and smooth can like icing to match an amazing scratch chocolate cake recipe. It is so light and box like it would blow your socks off!!!! Not good for carving or stacking, but it is perfect for a regular three layered chocolate cake.This cake is for me to take over to my in-laws home for some relatives that are visiting from California. So, I really want to impress them.Thanks in advance,cakeymom
Is there a way to make Cake Balls that are not gummy or tight in texture. I just tried one for the first time and I was not impressed.cakeymom
Instead of being blunt by asking what makes you think I can squeeze it in on Friday?Be honest let them know that you appreciate them holding what you do in such high regards and that if you had enough time you certainly would not mind doing it but time will not allow and in the future please give you at least at least a 10 day or more notice. I've found that the softer approach is better. I think as cakers we forget that not everyone knows exactly what goes into the...
I just did this cake. I used my poundcake recipe. I did 4 blocks that were finished to approx. 4 1/2 inches squared. I baked a 1/2 sheetcake and cut my blocks out of it. Only because the sides of this pan are straight. After icing the blocks I covered them with fondant. I could have mitered my edges better. But, I was the only one that noticed them as not being perfect. Create a template for this and you should get pretty good results. Also, I covered each side...
I use a fantastic poundcake recipe that has taken me years to develop(sorry I don't share it) But, I can tell you that it has extra leavening(salt, baking powder) in it to create a very moist, but light cake that is excellent for carving and stacking.Good Luck,cakeymom
Thanks for the input. But, my DH listens to a comedian that tells how he gets his dogs to eat collard greens. The punchline is....that's all they're fed. So it's eat or starve. I kind of feel that's the case in my area, if that's all that's offered then that's all they have to eat. Like it or leave it. My point is that some people that just don't know good cake or cupcakes in this case. So, I'll still have a niche if my product is better than theirs. cakeymom
I use 2/3 oil and 1/3 butter. Oil tends to make the cake too oily for me.cakeymom
Any other opinions will be greatly appreciated.bump....cakeymom
I have an order for in the morning that I need to get started on. I have free reign on these.So I would like to apply a thin layer of piping gel on top of my sugar cookies and then dip them into colored sugar. Will this work??? They are for ages 4-7 so they don't have to be fancy just good tasting.On the other half of the cookies I will apply royal icing all over the cookie and valentine colored m&m's around the border. cakeymom
Ok, VentureSister I was beginning to think that I was a total snob. It's just that after going to the library and doing much research on baking(because I like to bake primarily from scratch) I know that a much better cupcake is attainable. My only thing that I need to work on is doming on my cupcakes.BTW, I'm in Mobile,ALcakeymom
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