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Just a friendly reminder that faxes and/or emails will be greatly appreciated. The link is towards the top of this post.Thanks!!!!cakeymom
The bill is set to reviewed on Wednesday April 18th. Calls and/or faxes to the Senators would help!!!!!While I am OPTIMISTIC I am a REALIST and unfortunately Alabama is not anywhere in the running when it comes to progressive thinking.But, I am keeping my fingers crossed cakeymom
The Senate begins to meet this week starting on April 4th, so please get your letters in.Thanks,cakeymom
It's not too late to get that letter sent. Please do so I can't be the only one in the State of Alabama that's for this.cakeymom
The restrictions are outlined in this link:
Ok, sent my letters out today!!!!!!! This appeal goes to any Alabama CC'ers. Please send your letters out as well to get SB352 passed becuase if we do not show that it is important to us it's not going to be important to the Senators on the Health committee
If you are from Alabama and have the desire to become a "LEGAL" home baker please draft a letter to the Alabama Health Committee Legislature respresentatives.Below is a copy of the bill along with the link of the Health Committee and their contact info.LETS GET THIS DONE!!!!!!!!! To view the bill access this link then click on "View" at the top of page to read the bill in it's...
I know there are threads on White Cakes, but I am looking for something very specific.I am looking for a white cake or near white cake with a very fine crumb and that is light and tender made from scratch.If you are willing share your recipe and photo I would greatly appreciate it. I tried cook's illustrated white layer cake and it had the very fine crumb and was light and tender but it was spongy.cakeymom
I had a facebook page book marked in my favorites and lost it somehow. The person was from Germany, I think. They have the most beautifully crafted cookies using patchwork cutters. Does anyone have this facebook in their favorites?? I would love to learn how to do this.cakeymom
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