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If you have time and ingredients to try another Sponge Cake recipe.  Tish Boyle's is the best to me by far!!!!   You can Google Tish Boyle's Hot Milk Sponge Cake.  I am an American from the South and even I love it!!!!!!!!  Super easy, but be sure to the follow the recipe and steps exactly as written.   Cakeymom
I've been doing cakes for a while now and I know that I am no Ron Ben Isreal, but that does not mean that I am not proud of my work.   I am just as proud of my first Wilton cake class cake as I am the very last groom's cake that I did.   So, I would like to say that over time my skill level has improved and my cash flow has improved and afforded me more tools.  I look at tons of online videos and have researched my local library, as well as, buying dvd's.   Now...
I use a modified version of the Cakeman Raven's Red Velvet Cake recipe and I use oil and butter.  When I tried it with just oil the cake was way too oily and slick for my taste.    Cakeymom
Or,   Sweet Baking by (my name here)  Which I really did not want my name in the business name   Baking It Up Sweet     Cakeymom
Ok, I am back to the drawing board.  I figured since I bake from scratch and do cakes and decorated cookies.   How about, "The Homemade Baker"  or is this too old school/old fashioned.  Or maybe, "Everything's Sweet"  I am totally lost on this.  I just don't want the name to imply candy and chocolates.   Cakeymom
Thanks K8memphis Sorry, I forgot to put that you cover with foil towards the last 15 to 20 minutes of baking your poundcake. Cakeymom
I know a lot people like the sugary crust and the post stating that it is from the sugar content is absolutely correct.  I have researched and adjusted my recipe so that it is what I consider PERFECT.  Perfect texture, taste, cutting, and it is not too heavy and dense or dry.  I have even one first place at my local fair with it.  So, the corrections that I have made appeals to others, as well.    However, I will tell you this.  In contacting a chef at a local culinary...
Has anyone tried coloring wafer paper with the spray on color out of a can?  I don't have an air brush machine.  If I use the can color I would think I need to go very lightly same as the air brush instructions that I have seen posted.   Cakeymom
Asked my DH and he thinks the name indicates a business that sells candy and/or chocolates.  Go figure???  What do you all think???   Cakeymom
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