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I know a lot people like the sugary crust and the post stating that it is from the sugar content is absolutely correct.  I have researched and adjusted my recipe so that it is what I consider PERFECT.  Perfect texture, taste, cutting, and it is not too heavy and dense or dry.  I have even one first place at my local fair with it.  So, the corrections that I have made appeals to others, as well.    However, I will tell you this.  In contacting a chef at a local culinary...
Has anyone tried coloring wafer paper with the spray on color out of a can?  I don't have an air brush machine.  If I use the can color I would think I need to go very lightly same as the air brush instructions that I have seen posted.   Cakeymom
Asked my DH and he thinks the name indicates a business that sells candy and/or chocolates.  Go figure???  What do you all think???   Cakeymom
I've seen where some names don't really hit the mark or don't sound like a baking type name.  So here goes.  I do cakes, cupcakes, and cookies so I need an all encompassing name and I do not have a storefront so I don't think I need to use "Bakery" or "Shop" in my name.   I have come up with "Sweet' N Me Up"   Cakeymom
I'm just researching at this point.  But I have some money to invest and I am interesting in looking into the possibility of a worthwhile venture.    Cakeymom
I'm referring to the quantity made when I say Mass Production.  In that, a Cricut or Silhouette would not be able to handle the large volume of stencil cutting.
Hi I have been wanting to start a home business and the thought of producing cookie stencils is very interesting. I wonder what machines are being used???? There is no way it is a Cricut or Silhouette as you would burn up one of those babies mass producing stencils each:-D week. Does anyone have an idea what machine is being used??? PM Please...... Cakeymom
Please give Jennifer Bratko's SMBC recipe a try.  She outlines the steps and why she does what she does.  I have made SMBC before trying her recipe and methods and I found that this is so so much better.   Here's the link     Hope this helps!   Cakeymom
I have only given out two recipes.  Both are to persons in another state.  One former co-worker and one to a second cousin of mine that I am close to.    I did however give a version of another recipe to someone that I could not bring myself to say no to.  And when he tried it the recipe did not come out like mine so he asked me to bake the item for him.   OOPS!!!   Cakeymom
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