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Help, I am desperate for a 4 piece box to place my chocolate covered oreo cookies in.
I am looking for a 4 piece box to use in packaging chocolate covered oreo cookies. I don't need hundreds of boxes I am hoping to find them sold in increments of 10 or 20??? Helpcakeymom
It will be reintroduced, as the State of Alabama Health commitee did APROVE it. I was told by Senator Rusty Glover that he will re-introduce the bill and he assured me that it should pass in the next session which starts next February.I was told that there were MANY other bills that had to get through and that's why it did not make it this time.I will be sending out a reminder for those in the state of alabama or anyone else that would like to help us to contact the...
How do I attempt a wood grain affect on a cake board covered in fondant??? Do I let it dry completely? Then use the wood grain tool? Would I do a 50/50 fondant gumpaste mix?Any help would be wonderful I am going to do a replica of Sharon Zambito's book cake.Thanks,cakeymom
Wonder how the new Duncan Hines Frosting Creations flavors would work if you mixed it in cake batter???Has anyone else thought about this and tried it???cakeymom
GOOD NEWS!!!!!Take a gander at this link on Senate approval of SB352 from a Montgomery station: only thing now is that 5000 would be the limit. Let's try and get that to 10K or 15K. Texas has 50K limit and I know that is asking a lot for Alabama but again 10K to 15K is more realistic!!!!!Great going and thanks to everyone that rallied with us!!!! Let's...
TODAY is the DAY the bill will be reviewed. Calls at this point would be AWESOME!!!!!! Find the link to the Health Committee in this thread.Thanks in advance,cakeymom
Just a friendly reminder that faxes and/or emails will be greatly appreciated. The link is towards the top of this post.Thanks!!!!cakeymom
The bill is set to reviewed on Wednesday April 18th. Calls and/or faxes to the Senators would help!!!!!While I am OPTIMISTIC I am a REALIST and unfortunately Alabama is not anywhere in the running when it comes to progressive thinking.But, I am keeping my fingers crossed cakeymom
The Senate begins to meet this week starting on April 4th, so please get your letters in.Thanks,cakeymom
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