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Calling all supporters to please sign the above noted petition. Help a baker out! Cakeymom
Calling ALL Alabama bakers and anyone that would come up to the plate to help support us!!!  I wanted to start a new thread because this is a newly numbered Bill and can be easily looked up.    Senator Glover is coming through and we do not need to sleep on this.   Please sign the following petition to help us in...
I started a new thread since this is a new year and a new bill number. Where are my Alabama bakers????? Cakeymom
Good news the bill has been submitted.  SB236 YES!!!!!!!!!!!   It includes Candy and has a cap of 20K  I can definitely live with this as a start.   Way to go Senator Glover!!!!!!!   Cakeymom
Has anyone ever mixed Bettercreme with Buttercream for a lighter fluffier result.  I have a client that this would fit to a tee, but I am not sure how it would work.  Of course this would be not crusting so it would require a little more work.  I may even texture comb the sides and the top will have enough detail on it to hide any not so perfectly smooth areas.   Cakeymom
I knew I saw a 5000 limit somewhere. Go to page 2 post 22 on this thread and it shows a news report link from a station in Montgomery, Alabama.   Hopefully, this will not be the case.  But, we really will not know for sure until we see the actual Bill.   Fingers and toes crossed   Cakeymom
Wonderful!!!!!!  With that being the case the only left to do is to make sure the bill, once introduced next week, is rallied for so that it does not die again.   Cakeymom
This just posted on the Gulf Coast Cake Society Facebook page and is from the lady in Senator Glover's district that brought this to his attention by being shut down by her local Health Dept for selling out goods out of an unlicensed kitchen.    ok, folks. I finally heard from Senator Glover this morning. He is getting the bill drawn up this week and reintroducing it the first part of next week. It will be the same bill as last year. Once he...
I wish I did.  I'm on the Gulf Coast.
There is a petition on facebook that would be awesome for you to sign if you haven't already.  But, yes there is a massive following to have this happen in the current general session.   Cakeymom
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