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C'Mon CC'ers we still need 133 MORE signatures   Cakeymom
Yes the recipe I used has simple syrup in it.
I have tried a couple recipes for White Modeling Chocolate and it is hard to work with. I am wondering if there is a recipe that exists that will give you similar results to that of using actual chocolate????? I used actual white chocolate along with glucose and simple syrup in my recipe. Cakeymom
There is still a need for 134 more signatures!!!!     Pretty please with icing on the top!!!!!!     Cakeymom  
We still need 136 signatures!!!!!! Cakeymom
151 more signatures needed by Monday. We CAN do this!!!!! Cakeymom
Please help out the bakers in the state of Alabama by signing the attached petition.  We need 170 more signatures to reach our goal of 500.   Thanks in advance,   Cakeymom
That vote is scheduled for tomorrow. One more giant step to passing!!!!!!!! Cakeymom
I just checked the Alabama Legislature website and SB236 is going to be voted on by the Business and Labor committee of which none other than the sponsor of bill is the chairperson. AWESOME!!!!! Cakeymom
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