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What a find!!!  I was in my local Walmart and in the Wilton section I found two 4 oz flavors of Lorann Bakery Emulsions; Cream Cheese and Butter Vanilla(My Fav).  What a delight and wonderful savings and they were not out of date.  Both expire April 2015.   I just ordered two bottles of emulsions from Lorann Oils to the tune of 5.95 PLUS shipping for 4 oz bottles.   I'm going to check at some of the others to see if they have any other flavors.     Cakeymom
I must have been crazy to have agreed to be a consultant/decorator for a cupcake shop that also is now doing cakes. I know how to make looped bows for the top of a cake. But this one has given me a fit. I did figure out today when I went to put the loops together that they have much more humidity in their air than I have at home. I think I will tell them that when their decorator gets back from maternity leave I'll let her have this back. Dumb me for not thinking it...
I only bake from scratch, but I grew up with Mom that made box cake mixes and there is nothing that can replace the love that went into making that special birthday cake that was topped off with can frosting. What a treat it was to pick the cake and frosting flavors. But, with said, do like I did and experiment with a recipe that is close and tweak it. Sorry, I am not willing to post my recipe. It is moist, tender with a fine crumb, airy and very flavorable. Good...
Thank you.  I will look into GIMP this weekend and see how user friendly it is.   Cakeymom  
I am wanting to get into the couture cookie designing area for cookie favors for weddings and the like.  I now have a once used edible printer outfit and have no idea where to begin, as far as, software for a beginner.    One that maybe free would be good since I have no idea what I an doing.   Cakeymom
I tried that on this recipe and it gave me a slightly denser cake, and it was moist without having to add the buttemilk.    But, I do love the technique and if I need a quick poundcake I use it on this recipe.   Thanks,   Cakeymom 
Does anyone know of a supplier that sells lace molds similar to those that Sugarveil sells?????   Cakeymom
It is perfect. My in house taste testers agree, that will be honest even when I don't want to hear it. YES!!! Cakeymom
I made a couple of adjustments to my recipe today by adding 6 tbls of buttermilk and 1/8 tsp of baking soda.  It's cooling now.  Of course I could not resist by cutting a small slice while still warm and I think that did it.  We'll see when it is completely cool.   Cakeymom
Thanks for the suggestion but I really want to have the moisture added from the inside out.    I have thought about adding 6 tbls of Buttermilk and 1/8 tsp Baking Soda.  I currently use whole milk?????   Cakeymom
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