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I do not have pets in my home. But, however, I think what you my want to ask yourself is would you feel comfortable buying products from a person with pets in their home? And secondly, how many brick and mortars that sell food items are allowed to keep pets inside? I am a pet owner with an outside only dog, so I am not trying to offend anyone and this is just my honest opinion. Cakeymom
Thanks!  Next time if I am close I will now have two places to see about.   Cakeymom  
A bakery is selling their printer loaded with food sake ink, 100 wafers sheets and states that it has only been used once for 125.00(they were asking 175).   Is this investment worth it??  And are there any questions other than seeing it plugged in and working that I should ask???   I would like to use it to start doing cookies in the favor area like for weddings, and such.   Cakeymom
Good for you! Keep up the good work. Through any classes, and online tutorials your can hone your skills exponentially. In a year you will be amazed with yourself as well as others you bake for. Cakeymom
Are there any baking supply stores in the greater Atlanta Georgia area??  I will be there this coming Monday and Tuesday.   Thanks,   Cakeymom
I am seriously considering a baking supply shop in Alabama.  The only places we have locally are Michael's, JoAnns, Party City, Hobby Lobby.  So needless to say the selection is limited.   However, there was a supply shop in a smaller city about 30 mins away and they had a small selection and limited hours in a location that was not easy to find without a bakery or classes.  They have closed and gone back to internet sales only.   I would like to carry everything...
Not sure???  But it looks like the bill will die again this year.  Sad   There's always next year.    cakeymom  
Oh well, looks like it's NOT going to make it yet again......  Alabama has to be one of the most unprogressive states to live in.   Cakeymom
It is getting down to the wire.  Please call, fax or email the Democratic legislative representatives in the Alabama Senate ASAP!!!!!!  Apparently there is a nasty filibuster taking place on their part.    What a lovely thing to do when they are supposed to be doing a job and representing their constituents.  Makes me sick on my stomach and shows just how selfish they are. Politics at it's best!!!!!!!!!      Cakeymom
It's just a little frustrating after learning that neighboring Mississippi passed their Bill on April 1st.  The Senator may have a point, so I will not totally give up. I guess when we feel passionate about about a matter and everyone else does not agree we can get a little defensive instead of looking at the BIG picture.   So fingers and toes are still crossed and if we can't get it one way, there may be another way.    After all I tell my kids all the time,...
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