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I tried that on this recipe and it gave me a slightly denser cake, and it was moist without having to add the buttemilk.    But, I do love the technique and if I need a quick poundcake I use it on this recipe.   Thanks,   Cakeymom 
Does anyone know of a supplier that sells lace molds similar to those that Sugarveil sells?????   Cakeymom
It is perfect. My in house taste testers agree, that will be honest even when I don't want to hear it. YES!!! Cakeymom
I made a couple of adjustments to my recipe today by adding 6 tbls of buttermilk and 1/8 tsp of baking soda.  It's cooling now.  Of course I could not resist by cutting a small slice while still warm and I think that did it.  We'll see when it is completely cool.   Cakeymom
Thanks for the suggestion but I really want to have the moisture added from the inside out.    I have thought about adding 6 tbls of Buttermilk and 1/8 tsp Baking Soda.  I currently use whole milk?????   Cakeymom
Attached is my cake and I love the texture and taste but it seems just a tad dry. I purchased the cake enchacer from King Arthur flour. Any suggestions other than me not overmixing or overbaking. Thanks Cakeymom 
I do not have pets in my home. But, however, I think what you my want to ask yourself is would you feel comfortable buying products from a person with pets in their home? And secondly, how many brick and mortars that sell food items are allowed to keep pets inside? I am a pet owner with an outside only dog, so I am not trying to offend anyone and this is just my honest opinion. Cakeymom
Thanks!  Next time if I am close I will now have two places to see about.   Cakeymom  
A bakery is selling their printer loaded with food sake ink, 100 wafers sheets and states that it has only been used once for 125.00(they were asking 175).   Is this investment worth it??  And are there any questions other than seeing it plugged in and working that I should ask???   I would like to use it to start doing cookies in the favor area like for weddings, and such.   Cakeymom
Good for you! Keep up the good work. Through any classes, and online tutorials your can hone your skills exponentially. In a year you will be amazed with yourself as well as others you bake for. Cakeymom
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