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This sounds easy.  Thanks.   I have never worked with any type of graphic design software and it is a little intimidating.  I have been looking for a class but can not find one.  My son, however, knows a student at the local university where I work that is a rising senior and when school starts back up in a couple of weeks I am hoping that he will have time to give me some quick lessons based on what I want to do and him showing how to do it.  Fingers...
If you do not have a graphic design software it looks like there is a way to turn a docx document into a jpg I found a tutroial on youtube.   Has anyone done this to know if it works when using Icing Images iPrint for their frosting sheets with a precut design, such as a circle????   If not, what design software are you using and how user friendly is it?????     Cakeymom
It looks I should have done more research. My issue with the circles appears to be that for some reason when I try to print from the template using it in Word the measurements are off due to something being lost in transaction, for lack of a better explanation. The company was good and I sent the customer service dept my finished Word document and they aligned it and sent it back to me. GOOD. But I do have a question. I was told by another company that I needed some...
So, I did receive a template for the circles on the frosting sheet from the place I ordered the sheets from.   Last night I was already to print, when that little voice said, line it BEFORE you print by putting the template over the frosting sheet and much to my dismay they do not line up.  Mind you this is me eye balling it by holding it up to a light.   Can anyone tell me if you use frosting sheets with circles and if so where did you buy yours and did the...
I have my frosting sheet circles and my cookie dough ready to go.   Do I adhere to;    A plain cookie using what???                          Royal icing???                           Fondant???     Thanks in advance,   Cakeymom
Thanks!!!   They included it on the order confirmation page.  Silly Me     Cakeymom
I have an edible image machine that I purchased used. I am now ready to print my multiple images on a sheet that has 6 3" circles on it. My image is in Word. How do I do this? Cakeymom
I'm using wafer paper and need to know which is the best medium to apply it to: Fondant or royal icing and how to do it.   But, thanks for the response.   Cakeymom
Should I apply an edible image printed on wafer paper to fondant or royal icing on top of a cookie?  I have 100 sheets of paper paper that came with the image printer that I purchased from an individual so I will be using those sheets.   I just need to know which medium to apply it to and what is the most effective way to do so.   Thanks in advance,   Cakeymom
I didn't see Red Velvet, but for some reason that one does not appeal to me.  My red velvet cake is amazing!!!   But, let me ask what didn't you like about the cream cheese?   Cakeymom
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