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Any suggestions as to whether this ok or not based on experience would be helpful.   Thanks   Cakeymom
I made some cookies with edible images frosting sheets applied to them and would like to know about experiences shipping them. They are going from South Alabama to the very Northern part of Alabama. So if I ship Monday they will get there Wednesday. Should I have a problem with melting????? Cakeymom
You sound like an amazing person. The thing, besides, Cake Central that helped me the most to improve my skills were classes. Whether it's Wilton or through a local bakery/supply store. While there are many, many more people that are way more talented than I'll ever be it does not stop me, nor does it lessen the smiles I receive from family and friends. Keep up the good work! Cakeymom
I'm sorry I danced all around it with my rant.  She did not like it.    But, I would rather her taste it now and not like it opposed to her not liking the actual bridal shower cake and it possibly spilling over to the friendship I have with her sister.   Cakeymom
This morning I delivered a sample box of four cupcakes for a tasting.  I did not charge because this is the sister of my best friend.    First of all, my pride more than my feelings are a little hurt.  This cake recipe produces a very fine crumb and is super light on the palate(I use a mix of butter and oil).  Even my 21 year old son, who has become a cake critic told me so last night when he tasted a sample.  He also stated that the frosting was equally as light. ...
Opinions Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee:grin:
Which is best when ink runs out?  More cartridges or buying the self refill bottles???    Does the Cylan run out quicker than the others because that is the one I am very low on????   I have a Canon iP3600.   Cakeymom
Spoke to Laurie and she was very helpful.  I will give it a try tonight.  I wish I worked close enough to home to run there during lunch.    I was upset last night but I feel better today and they(Icing Images) are helpful and support the products they sell.  I love this because customer service has become a dinosaur.   Cakeymom  
I am beginning to wonder if the only way that I'll be able to get 3" circles is to use full frosting sheets and cut the images out with punches.   Very upset......   Cakeymom
Of course when I try to use my edible printer to print some 3" circles it's after hours and Icing Images is closed.    I just tried it twice and the first time I had the clear part of the sheet facing up.  WAY OFF CENTER!!!  Then I put the clear end in first much better but STILL printing off to the left.  I followed the instructions to the tee.   And on the bottom two circles a small portion of the bottom of the image was cut off.    What a waste of two...
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