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I really don't care if you bake from scratch or use a mix. This is not a question about justifying what you do. I just do not understand that "IF" you are asked why not be truthful??
First let me say that I do not want to start a mess or step on any toes.  But, I do not understand why it is so hard to get a YES or NO answer when it comes to whether or not you use a mix that is doctored or bake from scratch.    I get it fully as to why doctored mixes are used.  Your clients like it, it may or may not enhance your bottom line. etc.  I fully understand that the cake is only part of the equation and that decorating skills count for more.  I understand...
I promised a friend two poundcakes.  I am wondering if I bake them this weekend and wrap them really good with plastic wrap and freeze them will they be okay for Thanksgiving day???   Cakeymom
I know that frosting sheets do well in the Cricut, but what about wafer paper????   Just wondering........     Cakeymom
I have used freeze dried strawberries that I have purchased at the Fresh Market and Target with great results.  I pulse it in my food processor first.  Just be careful, as the freeze dried version is potent and a little goes a long way.   Cakeymom
Thanks!   Anyone else care to share???     Cakeymom
Approximately how high is your frosting/Icing/filling in between and on top of your cakes??  I am trying to determine if I am doing to much or too little.  Or does it depend on the cake.   My is about 1/4" in between and a 1/2" on top.     Cakeymom
I use 3" pans with my poundcake recipe when I need more height for carving because this recipe, that I have perfected, can stand the baking time and comes out perfect.  I also, place a flower nail in the center to ensure even baking.   I use 2" pans for my normal layer cakes.   I like both!!!!!! . Sometimes I use the 8 x 3" pan for a cake I torte in half and in this case I only have to bake using one pan and I have adjusted my most used recipes into halves, and three...
Anyone have any suggestions????
Does anyone have the Master Airbrush model G23-22????? I want a mini system for cookie stenciling. Cakeymom
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