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I know that frosting sheets do well in the Cricut, but what about wafer paper????   Just wondering........     Cakeymom
I have used freeze dried strawberries that I have purchased at the Fresh Market and Target with great results.  I pulse it in my food processor first.  Just be careful, as the freeze dried version is potent and a little goes a long way.   Cakeymom
Thanks!   Anyone else care to share???     Cakeymom
Approximately how high is your frosting/Icing/filling in between and on top of your cakes??  I am trying to determine if I am doing to much or too little.  Or does it depend on the cake.   My is about 1/4" in between and a 1/2" on top.     Cakeymom
I use 3" pans with my poundcake recipe when I need more height for carving because this recipe, that I have perfected, can stand the baking time and comes out perfect.  I also, place a flower nail in the center to ensure even baking.   I use 2" pans for my normal layer cakes.   I like both!!!!!! . Sometimes I use the 8 x 3" pan for a cake I torte in half and in this case I only have to bake using one pan and I have adjusted my most used recipes into halves, and three...
Anyone have any suggestions????
Does anyone have the Master Airbrush model G23-22????? I want a mini system for cookie stenciling. Cakeymom
I use Ghirardelli Melting Wafers the taste far surpasses Wilton's Candy Melts.  They come in a dark and white chocolate.  Sam's will have them in the 2 lbs bags very soon.  They carry it seasonally.    I promise you won't be disappointed.   As for the fingerprints.  Let them get to room temp and use the foodhandlers poly gloves.   Cakeymom
Italian Cream. Yummy, it is my birthday cake that I make for myself. Cakeymom
I am going to attempt this and wanted to know which method has worked best for you?????                         My cake is 6" tall and 6" wide       1. The panel method with wrapping the cake and then a circle for the top and lots of smoothing.                                                         OR   2. The traditional one piece of fondant method.         Thanks,   Cakeymom
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