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I am thinking about buying an airbrush to use for small projects, mainly on cookies. I see there are a vast array of choices. But, in looking I see some that have a bottle attached to the bottom vs the open source on the top for the excess ink. Which is better? cakeymom
I live along the Alabama Gulf Coast region. I really prefer not to use the city in the name. But, I will think about some items that are regional. cakeymom
I really could use some help now that I have finally decided to act on the Cottage Food Law in our state.   Thanks again,   Cakeymom
I do cakes, decorated cookies, and a few other items and I am looking for a name. I have finally narrowed it down to: Baking It Up Sweet Bakin' It Up Sweet Bake It Up Sweet I think the middle variation would be problematic because of the " ' " after the n in searches and the like. I just would like some input into the catchiness and how the words roll off the tongue. Along with what would be easily remembered. Thanks in advance, Cakeymom
Does anyone have a recipe for a doctored box mix that produces a light fluffy cake?  I am asking to see if the additions will take care of the chemically aftertaste.   It may even be that I am looking for a commercial cake mix????    I am open to suggestions.   Cakeymom
I purchased several of these and have not had a problem with them.       Cakeymom
If you have time and ingredients to try another Sponge Cake recipe.  Tish Boyle's is the best to me by far!!!!   You can Google Tish Boyle's Hot Milk Sponge Cake.  I am an American from the South and even I love it!!!!!!!!  Super easy, but be sure to the follow the recipe and steps exactly as written.   Cakeymom
I've been doing cakes for a while now and I know that I am no Ron Ben Isreal, but that does not mean that I am not proud of my work.   I am just as proud of my first Wilton cake class cake as I am the very last groom's cake that I did.   So, I would like to say that over time my skill level has improved and my cash flow has improved and afforded me more tools.  I look at tons of online videos and have researched my local library, as well as, buying dvd's.   Now...
I use a modified version of the Cakeman Raven's Red Velvet Cake recipe and I use oil and butter.  When I tried it with just oil the cake was way too oily and slick for my taste.    Cakeymom
Or,   Sweet Baking by (my name here)  Which I really did not want my name in the business name   Baking It Up Sweet     Cakeymom
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