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How to make Black Marshmellow Fondant?
Thanks everyone. I know it's not great, but you have to start somewhere! And since I learned a lot thats all that matters!
Thanks everyone for your help! I got the cake done! It did not turn out the way I wanted, but it was alright. The couple seemed to really like it, and that's all that matters. I'll try to pust the picture, if no look at my pictures.Thanks!
Aww How cute! My 2 year old done something like this. I had just started taking classes. I had my first cake in a rubbermaid container sitting on my turn table. Before I went to bed, I was like I need to put this up higher than on the kitchen table. So I moved it to the stove. My almost 2 year old got up that morning, moved a chair to the stove. Picked the cake off the turn table, then removed the lid without really touching the sides. He got a for and dug into the...
Thanks everyone! I understand the concern about the box. There will only be 11 people total at the wedding. My SIL will be the one taking care of the cake. But I will talk with her about being careful lifting the box.Thanks again everyon!
Does anyone else have an advice?
I do like the others. Level, double/trip saran wrap. Put flat in the freezer. Take out the night before I need to decorate. Leave wrapped in saran wrap till I get ready to decorate. I think this actually makes the cakes a lot more moist!
I think the wedding is at like 10 am Friday morning. The delivery site is about 30 minutes away. I really do not want to deliver on Friday morning because that will be a total of an hour and half driving time just for me to get to work. The wedding is at my BIL's church (he is the pastor). So we were going to set it up and then put a box or something to cover it.
I have my first wedding cake due this week. I have already baked the cakes so that way I will not have to get that done. I have wrapped and froze them like I do with all my cakes. The problem is that they are getting married Friday AM. I work a full time job. Would the cake be ok ifI ice it Wednesday night, decorate Thursday, then set it up thursday night at the location? It is a white cake, buttercreme filling, buttercreme icing. There will be some yellow flowers...
I'm close Cookeville. Would love to join a cake club!
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