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My concern was because there will be so many tiers (7) on top of the dummy.  That's why I put dowel rods in the dummy.  
Hi all!  I would appreciate any input or advice you may have.  I've made wedding cakes before, the tallest being a 7 tier.  Anyway, because of the limits of my own strength, I always stack on site.  I'm making my niece's cake this weekend and am more nervous than I've been in a long time.  It's a 7 tier square cake (actually 8, but two of the tiers are only 1 layer).  The bottom tier is a cake dummy because of the actually guest count.  I've inserted 9 1/2" dowels in the...
I have Wedding Cake Design Pro weddingcakedesignpro. com and I really like the program but it does have some limitations such as a limited variety of flowers and colors. The other issue I have had is that it has some installation limitations. When I first bought it, I could only install it on my daughter's computer because of the windows platform. When I bought a new system, they were kind to give me a code to install it on my new computer,but since then my computer...
It sounds like there was condensation from the temperature change between the refrigerator and room temperature. I don't use fillings that have to be refrigerated for this reason, and always leave fondant covered cakes at room temperature.
It depends on how large your cake balls are,but if I use a small scoop to measure, I get about four dozen per mix, so I would use 5.
Finished a simple birthday cake so no more this weekend. It's funny, I work and work like crazy, wishing for a weekend off, then when I have one I get nervous about not having any cakes to bake or decorate. Hah!
There's nothing wrong with enforcing the laws and protecting copyrighted material. The problem is there are already laws. Another law won't make any difference if it's not enforced. Why not just enforce the existing laws instead of spending time and taxpayer money writing a cumbersome new law.
I think this is the link to download the pricing matrix that's an excel spreadsheet. If it's the one I found, it is quite detailed and helpful. Good luck
I use a spray bottle and put a fine mist on every layer.
You could also try countrykitchensa . com
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