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Help I need to make 3 small carved smash cakes for triplets (guitar, drum & piano) and I have no idea what to charge...Any ideas???Thanks,Lisa
Hi Ive been asked to make 3 baby cakes for triplets, I usually throw in the little smash cake with the main cake. But this person only wants 3 carved smash cakes a guitar, drum and piano...Any ideas on what I should charge????Thanks
I'm going too. I already have my room at the Riviera which I paid for months ago but even with the 75. room fee through CC it's still a good savings. I have the room Thurs, Fri & Sat night and would only ask for half the room fee of $85.00. Any way I'm in Riverside and would like to have a ride along and or room mate. My girlfriend (non cake crazy) was going to go up with me but now may back out since she'll be solo most of the time. If your interested let me know. Thanks,...
Does anyone know where I can purchase iered Cake Boxes I tried Global but I cant get it soon enough...Thanks,Lis
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