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do you have a photo of your wedding cake it would be great to see it?
wow thanks leah for putting me off doing the oasis thing!!! i really apprecaite that Im thinking to use polysterene blocks in bewteen each tier and feed the roses into it using floral wire which would be put into the roses first what does everyone think of this???
but what did you use to separate the tiers? pillars? or something else?
Hi everyone, I have my first wedding cake using fresh roses booked and i was wondering what to use to stack them with. The cake itself is going to be 5 square tiers tall with roses in between each tier to look as if it is sitting on them. What i was wondering is should i out the roses into polysterene blocks as i have seen it done with wires into the roses and then put into the polysterene or should i use oasis and have it cut to size (i was thinking that with the water...
thank you all for those suggestions i would love those instructions if you dont mind my email address is, thank you in advance
hi everyone,Stupidly i told someone i would bake them a carousel cake without actually knowing how to make one!! so now i am in desperate need of some help. What i want to know is how can i support the top tier without pillars, i have dowels but is this enough to support a top tier the top tier will be on a cake board. the cake underneath will have the dowels sticking in it and holding up top cake-i have lost sleep over this one and im very worried it will be a disaster...
bump, well someones gotta lol x
My best friend is about to turn 40 years old next week and i would love to make her a champagne bottle in an ice bucket with the cubes of ice i have seen some really great ones on here but havent got a clue where to start. I would be most most rateful if someone could send me some instructions step by step would be fab as i am still a novice
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