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grrr... how do you add attachments?
Does anybody know what flower cutters i need to make this flower?? or even what type of flower this is?? please help!Thank you!
I have tried to make Modeling cholocalte a couple of times, and it seems that it always feels 'greasy' when i start to work with it, is this normal? or am i not making my Modeling Cholocate right?Oh and i am trying to use White chocolate. I have made it with candy melts/clay/wafers/buttons (whatever you call them) and from bakers bar white chocolate.Thanks!
I have a baby shower coming up and need to make a baby with an oversized football helmet on top. Needs to be about 3" round football helmet.If someone could help me figure out what to use to form the helmet i would really appreciate it.
Does anyone know of a good book or inst. video on how to mold figures, more in specific, people/babies?I have a cake to make with a baby sitting on a football field with an oversized helmet and i am not experienced with 3D figures. I have no idea where to even begin!Please help if you can! Thank you!
this one is for my California people, could i get the names of any cake decorating supply stores around Visalia CA area or Valencia CA area?? I live in between both cities(bakersfield), and there are almost no supply stores here. or if anyone knows of any really cool cake decorating supply stores ANYWHERE in CA that is worth making a trip to! I always order my stuff online but i would love to visit an actually store one day!!!I would really appreciate your help if you...
I just got a baby mold too, i used this with fondant, gumpaste and 50/50 ( i swear i probably make like 10 molds the first day trying to get a perfect baby, but i got it down now!). I think the gumpaste (which i tinted too, with a hint of warm brown) worked best. I did like the others and stuffed it really well, then set it in the freezer about 20 min or so : ) they are soo cute then they come out!
I just bought mine about a month ago and WOW, what a difference, it was around 175$, which is worth it to me. Big time difference! and when ordering the lady was soo nice and informative!
I use clear piping gel for most of mine, i have only have done buttercream cakes though. Sometimes, i will attach very thin fondant to the back of my RI designs, then use piping gel to attach the design to the cake (cause RI tends to discolor when it is laid flat against my buttercream) what have you been using?
Hey Guys!I have been making cakes for a little while now and i just became good enough to level up (i'd say i am at level 2 now) and buy more pricey 'cake toys'. Until recently i just had all the stuff they sell at Michaels.I just bought a Pasta Machine, a Airbrush Machine and an Agbay! I am so excited.I only have 250$ left over (the agbay was expensive but boy was it worth it! ) I want to invest in some good cake decorating tools, so my question is what do you experienced...
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