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I offered to make the cakes for our winter carnival supper this weekend. I need to serve 150. I have an 11x15 sheet pan and 9x13. They bought me 6 cake mixes. Should I make 6 9x13's or 3 11x15's? Will this be enough(no other desserts, just the cakes). I am thinking of making a carrot cake as well just to have another option.thanksSandra
I made a tank for a friend's son this summer. I think I used either a 9x13 or 11x15 rectangle pan and then cut one piece smaller than the other and put it on top. I used fondant for the tracks and gun barrel(wrapped around a straw). I angled the front and the back to imitate a tank shape and added a 6 inch round on top. I put a skewer into the straw and stuck it into the round. Dh was in the army so he was very quick to critique the design LOL. The wheels are...
It hard to understand where this woman is coming from. The only thing I can think of is since you opened your business there not to long ago she thinks she is "helping" you by telling you what she thinks you are doing wrong-not that you are doing anything wrong LOL. Keep the money, just do not take any more orders from her.
Just made one last week.
When posting recipes from cookbooks, the ingredient list is not copyrighted but the instructions are. On egullet they are pretty strict about posting recipes. You can copy the ingredient list but you have to give the directions in your own words. Sandra
There are no courses close to me so I have not taken any. Just get ideas from the internet. I am not that good, but I don't want to start a business, just make cakes for my kids and a few friends. Sandra
Why not have a couple kinds of cookies and cupcakes to offer. Cookies like chocolate chip can be made ahead of time, frozen and just pulled out and cooked in about 15 minutes. Cupcakes can be frozen after they are cooked. They defrost fast and can be iced quickly. If you have a store front in a mall, most people would assume you are selling something-not just taking orders.Sandra
I have no "secret" recipes. I also do not have a business that I use my recipes for. If you are making money off a recipe, then you obviously don't want to give it away and hurt your business.If anyone reads the recipe reviews on epicurious, you will understand why most people cannot get a recipe to turn out. A lot of them say things like this recipe didn't work-will not make it again. Then they go on to say, I didn't have this ingredient so I used something else. I...
I usually freeze in ziploc bags. If you leave it in the bags to thaw, the condesation goes on the outside of the bag and the gingerbread is fine. Sandra
I've made gingerbread ahead of time a frozen it. Never had a problem when using it to make houses afterwards.Sandra
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