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Hi, You should call icing inspirations in Canada at 519-576-3364. They are the ones I called last year and they had it. Thanks Onome
Do not worry. The trend will not catch on. Why you say? Most women turn into different creatures when they are getting married. They want their stuff to be special and unique. How do I know? A lot of brides I know seem to say the same thing. "I want my cake/wedding dress/wedding décor to be different". There will always be business. So charge a nice price for the dummy cakes and who knows, you might be supplying more dummies for them, because the dummy will eventually get...
Thanks so much.
Oh my gosh Enga! The second one is what I was looking for. Thank you! thank you! thank you! I clicked on the link and only got a picture and no other details. Is there a website that sells the frame? Thanks
Hello! A couple of years ago. I saw a cake that was in a picture frame cake stand. I unfortunately do not know where I saw it, but I do remember that the person that made the cake was also selling the stands. Essentially it is a picture frame that has a half-round base that you can set your cake on. So it looks like a 3D image of a cake coming out of a picture frame. Does anyone know where I can get this? I have searched the internet and cannot seem to find this. I...
Sorry about this incident. You should not let anyone cause you to let go of your dreams. Trust me, I know how you feel. You make great cakes and you should carry on with what you are doing. Cheer up. I'll be rooting for you somewhere in Texas!
Thanks Indydebi! I really appreciate it.
HI! Does anyone have instrutions on how to do a cascade down a wedding cake. I have tried it before, but I wanted more instructions. I have a wedding cake to do with preserved flower heads and I was wondering how to do a cascade with with this.Thanks
I honestly have no idea why other people do it, but I recently tried adding pudding to a mix and it gave my cake a rather nice texture and it was pretty moist too. The cake was Grand Marnier cake made with a cake mix.
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