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Thanks! THat's what ill do :0)
Hello All, I'm making a spider cake and I'm contemplating using a different color besides black because I don't want it to stain everyones mouths. Do you think I should or is there a better way to make black so you don't have to use soooo much black coloring? Thanks in advance!
Thanks so much! I'll have to change the filling. Any good ideas?
I have to make my first wedding cake in a few weeks and they want a mouse filling that needs to be refrigerated. I made a fondant cake a few weeks ago and stuck it in the fridge for a few hours and all of the fondant pieces got soft again. My numbers on top started to bend My guess after that was you are not supposed to put fondant in the fridge. Does this mean I have to fondant the cake the day of the wedding? How should I store it? Also I have to put a lot of...
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