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Ok, thanks for the help!
i just use crisco, powdered sugar, water, vanilla & salt to make just add more powdered sugar? no butter needed to make it roll?
Hi everyone, I needed the buttercream recipe that you use as a dam for filling. The one you can roll with your hand like a snake. Thank you
Ok cool, thanks!
Hey I need to color white chocolate baby blue & I was wondering if I can use the wilton icing colors? or does it have to be the candy colors added to the chocolate? And I know I can use the candy melts but Ide rather just use the coloring this time. Thanks
I was asked to make a 1 tiered cake that is gluten free, Ive never made one before, since its just 1 tier do you think it will be ok and not fall apart? also do you have an good easy GF recipes? thanks
Hey how do I get an edible logo with a personal name on it, instead of the actual wording? Can I go to a store bakery & have them do it? If so what do I need for them to do it? Thanks
Hi I am making a buttercream cake & i was planning on using royal icing to stencil the damask decor on to it, will that work? also is buttercream with buttercream stencil icing ok? thanks
aww man, my mom swore to me that if i stored them in the refrigerator covered with foil they will be fine by saturday, i asked her are you sure like 4 times. Ive made almost 100 this wednesday evening & put raspberry filling in them & covered them will foil & stored them in the refrigerator, so by saturday they will be hard & dried out? please tell me they will be ok
Can anyone help me? thanks
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