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By the way I did look online and I had a lot of cake stores come up that made cakes not ones that actually sell the supplies and since I was walking out the door I need some replies fast.. So sorry if its not something that is urgent to you but it was to me at the time.. I wanted to see if there was a place that someone knew of that was a good place..
I am heading towards humble today and I really need to know if they have any cake supply stores that are good.. I know micheals is up there but I was wondering if there were any that would carry more things.. Please someone let me know if you know of anything!!!!thanksAmanda
fondant roses.. I think they came out ok! one is a little more open in the middle but its ok.. I am learning thanks for looking
Hey everyone I am going to make my mom a simply birthday cake she does not like fondant at all so i am making a chocolate fudge cake with white chocolate buttercream icing. It will be a small 9" layer circle cake. Does anyone have some simply but also elegant type cakes they have done or seen? I looked but I run into a lot of way bigger cakes most end up having fondant. Any advice on what i should do would be great.. thanks this is the way I am going to do the wording,...
thanks for the advice I was not sure what to use..
I read on here somewhere that it is because the cake settles. I think they said to stack it and let it settle some before adding the fondant.. Hope that helps.. maybe someone else knows for sure.
I dont know this might be pretty cheesy but it was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw that cake..Good Moooning.... ??? sorry I am not much help I am sure someone else will have something
What flavor pudding would you add to a red velvet flavor?
Oh, what is rice or wafer paper? where do you find it and how do you use it? all advice on that one would be great, I am still new to this.. Thanks
think I should use gumpaste or satin ice for some leaves that are going to go on top of cupcakes which will be on a cupcake box tower I want to have a few extra for decoration on the boxes I will be making them probably the end of oct for a wedding on nov 28th I need to have about 200
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