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Thank you so much for the info and tips! I will let you know how it turns out :)
I am wanting to make a smaller version of this cake for a friends birthday. I am not a professional baker so my knowledge is a bit limited, especially when it comes to anything past the standard Wilton colors. Can anyone suggest a color/brand to get this beautiful ecru/ivory color? Also the dusty rose? Do you all think there is maybe a luster dust or a pearl sheen added as well? I am thinking it might be a buttercream cake, not fondant, those top angles are so sharp, I...
Lovely ideas!! I think the jewelry one is on the right track. Thank you so much!!ChellesCakes- thank you for posting a picture!! That is an adorable cake!! We did the teaparty theme last year and it was just the teapot cake and some petite fours. I love the whole setting. It is super cute!
I have done some really fun cakes for my kids, but with life getting busier by the moment (full time honors student in college, 3 kids, work part time) I am in need of some inspiration. I am just overwhelmed and uninspired. My daughters birthday is coming up, the big FIVE! She loves all things girly but we have done the princess thing (her first birthday cake is my profile picture), we have done the giant cupcake cake, etc. Her favourite color is pink and she loves...
Dont toss it!! Make cake balls with it, tiny little golf ball ones! If THAT fails then it is time to get out some whipped cream and fruit (or candy) and make a triffle
Ah!! So I did it completly backwards! Thank you so much! If DD wants another dolly cake I will be prepared this time!
My 3y/o DD wanted a Belle cake for her birthday, and I dislike the doll in the cake style so I made a torso/head. Well her torso and head was really heavey (gumpaste). I made her with a dowel from her head down all the way through the cake. I noticed she started leaning soon after. I adjusted her angle in hopes of fixing the leaning issue but as time went on she really started to lean forward. In the end I looped a bit of fishing line around her neck (right at her choker)...
Thank you!! Last year at this same race (it is in Las Vegas) my infant daughter and I ran the half marathon in matching Elvis costumes. SO much fun!!Here is the whole cake, its messy but it travelled over 100 miles. By the time we got there I was exhausted and over excited (about the impending race) so I didnt even fix the bottoms or bumps and what not. The cake was *demolished* in minutes. Think nearly 100 marathoners carbo-loading. It was awesome.
Sorry! I was away for the weekend running my race (2:33 half marathon) and eating cake Here he is!He did harden up just fine *phew* and was totally the man of the party.
Thank you Texas Rose! I will add that to my next order!!
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