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Thank you all so much! I love that I can come here with questions and know I will always get an answer! You are all awesome, I'm a little calmer now!
I'm confused on figuring the sizes of tiers for a wedding cake. I looked at Earlene's chart and I just keep confusing myself more. Or maybe I'm just stressing/freaking out on doing my first big cake! Anyway - I have to do a cake for about 315 people. All rounds. I will also be doing a double layer sheet cake (kitchen cake) which I figure will serve 65? So I guess the tiered cake would need to feed about 250.Can someone please help?Thank you!
I got some gold hologram disco dust but am not sure how to use it. I've used luster dust before (brushed on dry and used with vodka to paint with). Do I use the disco dust the same - it seemed a little coarser maybe? Just thought I'd check since it's not that cheap. Can't wait to use it, it's so sparkly!
I'm in the US. Thanks for the tips though!Anyone else??
I have a question about Isomalt. I've never used it but have seen it used on several cakes shows. Recently on cake boss, he used it to make coral. First - where do you buy it. I saw several online options but do grocery stores/craft stores ever carry it?Second - does it have to be isomalt or can I get the same effect with sugar.I'm wanting to make corral like on Cake Boss but wasn't sure if it had to be isomalt.Help! My son's shark party is this weekend so if I need...
I have kind of a weird shower cake to make and am stumped. It's a round (probably 9 in) for a wedding shower. The theme is "winter nature"??? The centerpieces are silver trees that look kind of icy? Does that make sense. They want the cake to match, maybe with branches/white flowers on the sides. She just said no colored flowers, something elegant. Any ideas? It's going to be buttercream but I can use fondant accents.I was thinking something with the large sanding...
I am making some chocolates for someone and was wondering what everyone uses for their chocolate. I've used candy melts which work great but don't taste as good. I use Ghiradelli for baking and have dipped pretzels, etc in that. But want these to definitely taste AND look great. Any suggestions on what brand to use?
I would be very careful. My heatlh dept. doesn't allow it either. THey told me that as long as I wasn't advertising it was fine too. She said not to put up ads, do ads in a phone book, wedding shows, etc. But then later I learned that if you are charging people, it's still illegal and can result in a fine.I'd keep it to advertising by word of mouth. When I started, I gave a lot away until my name was out there. People are always happy to get free baked goods and if...
I need some creative ideas! I work PT for a photographer and she always does our pictures for Christmas cards. I'd love to somehow incorporate my cakes/cookies/cupcakes into a Christmas card. My kids are 4 and 8 so something with them and the goodies. Any ideas? I don't really want them cooking but can't come up with anything else. I was going to add "Have a sweet year" Or "Life is Sweet" or "Recipe for Joy".Any creative ideas!
I've noticed modeling chocolate used on the cake shows now. I've never used it before. I've tried to make it and it was a mess! Can you buy it somewhere and how does it taste? I haven't noticed it at Micheals or Hobby Lobby yet. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? Is it easy to use. I use fondant but it just seems like mod. choc. would be messier??
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