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Great! Just the answer I was hoping for!! Thank you!
I am just wondering if a cake iced in a buttercream icing that has whipping cream as an ingredient requires refridgeration/Thanks in advance!
I am wondering if someone can tell me the yield for the MMF in the recipes section. Do you think that any of them would be enough for an 11" X 15" sheet cake?Thank you in advance!
I have been looking through the galleries at some photos of beautiful cakes with diamond impressions (or quilting?) on them. Could someone please tell me how to get this effect both using buttercream and fondant? Thank you!
This is probably a silly question but I have been looking at a few buttercream recipes that call for whipping cream. May I presume that the cake would then have to be refrigerated?Thanks in advance!
Thanks for all of these!
Hello! I asked this question a couple of weeks ago but don't think that I had any replies (I can't locate it now!). I understand that to make black buttercream I would need to start with chocolate. I am just wondering if anyone has any advice for taking a small amount of buttercream and making it chocolate...or any slick ways for creating black buttercream for that matter. Thanks in advance!
I am somewhat new at this and am wondering if someone can help. I need just a small amount of black buttercream for my next project. I know that I need to use a bit of chocolate buttercream to make black. Does anyone have any suggestions for transforming a small amount of buttercream into chocolate and from there black?Thanks in advance!
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