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Thanks for this great tip! It would be nice to use a trusted recipe that I know will taste good!
Thanks for this. Yes I would like a real yummy one. I've looked at a number of recipes for buttercream in the recipe section but just am not sure how white they are.
I am wondering what recipe is suggested (hopefully an easy one!) to make a nice white buttercream.Thanks in advance!
Aha! Thanks for clearing this one up for me!
I have seen some buttercream recipes that call for 10X confectioner's sugar but don't know what that is or where it is available in Canada. Cananyone help? Thanks!
Thank you!
Thanks! I would love to do this but am not sure that my fridge can handle this much cake!
OK so here is stupid me! I am wanting to do a 14 inch square cake. Wouldn't it be awkward to wrap something in Saran this size and then freeze it? Would you have to have a board underneath it?
Thanks for your quick reply! After I posted this I checked out the thread about freezing cakes. I am little uncertain about how one would go about this. I am wanting to do a two tier (10 and 14 in) cake. Do you think that it would be difficult to wrap something this size?
I am considering baking a cake on a Thursday and decorating it Friday for a Sunday event. Would the cake hold out that long? Thanks in advance!
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