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Thanks so much for all of this!
Thanks for this kakeladi! I am wondering if you would mind sharing your air drying buttercream recipe (I can't seem to locate it). Thanks!
How soon before decorating my cake can I/should I make the drop flowers? I would like to get a head start on them and make them as soon as possible! Thanks for your help!
Thanks for all of this! The other thing that I forgot to mention is that I was wondering whether I should buy one that has a paddle attachment. How necessary is this? I've noted that a number of the CC Buttercream recipes suggest the use of the paddle attachment.
I am in the market for a stand mixer (I am tired of blowing my hand held ones!). Does anyone have any recommendations? I want something that is somewhat practical...not too many gadgets that I am unlikely to use. Thanks in advance!
Yes, I didn't use the flower nail to make these ones but I will give the gel a try! Thanks again!
The Wilton's recipe interests me but I take a step back when it says that the cake must be refrigerated. I just don't have the space to be storing cakes in my fridge!
Great...thank you!
I made some drop flowers the other day for the first time since my Wilton's Course (which was two years ago!). The petals were all ragged around the edges. Is this an icing consistency issue or a technique issue? Is there a preferred buttercream recipe for drop flowers?Thanks in advance!
Stupid question time! What is the advantage of having a buttercream that crusts vs one that doesn't?
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