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I am wondering what the technique is for scalloping an edge with buttercream. I have seen several cakes in the gallery with this technique but I don't know how to accomplish it.
Can some one please tell me where I can purchase edible images (i.e. Disney princesses)? I live in Canada. Thank you!
I am just wondering what the general thought is about how far in advance one can safely bake and decorate a cake?Thanks!
I have often seen the "Viva" paper towel method mentioned (for smoothing buttercream), but am not sure whether or not this type of Viva is available in Canada....and where. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
Thanks for this. I had looked at some of the photos but didn't have a great sense of what to do for the mouth.
Has anyone got some tips/advice on how to go about decorating Elmo cupcakes? I am leaning towards making some for my daughter's birthday. Thanks!
Thanks for all of these great replies. I happen to have a couple of Devil's Food DH cake mixes on hand....would they work OK?
Can anyone please confirm the recipe for making a chocolate version of the WASC cake? Thanks!
Can anyone point me in the direction of a nice chocolate cake recipe that makes enough for a double 10" cake?Thanks in advance!
I am wanting to make one of those cute candy barrel/kitkat cakes for my daughter's birthday. I am wondering if anyone out there has made one and can give me some guidelines. Thank you!
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