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I am planning to make a two tier round cake (6" and 10"). I read in a cake decorating book that one should put a thin cake board under each layer of the same size as the cake...and then a thick board beneath all. I totally get the need to put a board the same size as the small layer underneath it...but can't I just place the 10" layer directly onto the thicker, covered cake board? I am planning to decorate the cakes with fondant (my first attempt!). Thanks in advance!
I am inexperienced with working with fondant. I made my first attempt at MMF the other day on a "trial" cake. I thought that I rolled it to 1/16th but it seemed to not be thick enough on the cake....the buttercream was oozing out of the impressions that I tried to make on it. I am wondering if my "crumb coat" was too thick...What should it be under fondant? Also what should the thickness of the MMF have been? If I am planning to make impressions (in this case...
I am wondering how long MMF will keep for. If I make it today will it still be OK tomorrow? Also, once I start working with it, how much time do I have...i.e. for making impressions in it.Also, I am wondering ....Is it difficult to double the recipe?Thanks for your help!
Thank you for all of your responses. I am interpreting the diamonds on this cake to be quite large....probably not from a diamond impression mat....and that was stumping me...aside from the fact that I have never tried to create this type of look before. I am quite nervous about it but appreciate the help!
Would someone be so kind as to advise me how to achieve this diamond pattern on this beautiful cake? Thank you so much!
I am just wondering about what technique to use to do a diamond/quilting impression (I am interested in knowing for both fondant and buttercream). Do I need to buy an impression mat? If so, I live in Canada and wonder where one might be available. Thank you in advance!
Thanks for all of this!
Yes...that is a great idea if I might be so competent to add a photo attachment. Let's see if I can do it!
Thanks to all for your great responses. I live in the Hamilton area so will check out Sobey's first!
I have viewed some lovely cakes that seem to be derived with help from the "Disney Princess Deco pak." Does anyone know where I can find this in Canada?
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