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I would like to try making a cupcake bouquet.  I am not certain from the photos I am seeing if they are usually made from mini cupcakes or standard size.  Which would best?   Thanks!
My soon to be 6yr old daughter would like a water/splash birthday party and cupcakes to go along with that. I have seen some cute ones on the website that have miniature fondant sunglasses, beach balls and towels..amongst other things. I am wondering how to go about making these items? I would like the beach balls to look like "traditional" multi-coloured balls. I am also wondering how to produce striped "towels" from fondant. Is there any kind of a mini sunglass...
Thanks so much for all of your replies. You have been so helpful!
I am going to be making my daughter's birthday cake next week. The plan is to cover the cakeboard with fondant (my first time). I am making an 8 inch double layer cake, also covered in fondant to go on top. I am trying to think through the logistics. Should I prepare the cake on an 8 inch (or larger?) board (i.e. apply the crumb coat and fondant) and then "slide" it off of the board and place it on the fondant board?? Is there an easy way to go about this? I can't...
I am wanting to make a little gumpaste girl (my first attempt at modelling with gumpaste) that will sit on my daughter's birthday cake. I am wondering if I could make this well in advance (?weeks) of the cake. I am a bit concerned that if the figure is dry and not pliable when I put her on the cake it will be difficult to situate her properly. If I am able to make her ahead of time, can I sit her on something along the lines of an inverted cake pan to dry?
Last year when I made my daughter's birthday cake, covered in MMF, the colour faded considerably. We were having very warm days at the time and I suspect this had something to do with it. I am anticipating making her next cake and am wondering if there is any way to prevent this from happening again? Thanks in advance!
I am wondering about the cost of an extruder. I would like to make a figure that looks like my daughter for her birthday cake (she has straight long hair). Don't know if I should buy one or find some other way to do the hair.
I have noticed a number of beautiful cakes on this site that have a border of fondant that has been rolled into a narrow strip. How does one roll it so precisely and not make it lumpy?
I have been looking at some great toadstool cakes in the galleries....but haven't been able to grasp how they are made. Would someone mind enlightening me? Thank you so much!
Does anyone know where I could find an ice skate mold? I live in Canada.Thank you in advance!
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