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Hi, yes the box is for a tiered cake. $10 a box OMG. Well I guess I will buy them locally. I thought $5 was too much but looks like a steal now.
kakeladi, Thank you so much great idea.
Hi,From this formum I learned to buy my boxexs from Sam's and have saved some money. However, they only have the sheet cake & 10'" round ones. I was wondering where is a good place to order the heavy 2 peice boxes for large 2 tier cakes from. I just paid $5 for a 14 X14 at my local supply store.Also, is there a good place for fillings?
Hi all,Need a little help. I am making a fireman theme cake for my nephew next weekend. I am using chocolate mold for the decorations and fondant for the flames and water on the cake. I was thinking how cool it would look if I could get the cake to smoke too.Since I will not be in the classroom for the party I was wondering was there anything other than dry ice I could use for a smoke effect on a cake? I just want a little smoke for the singing of happy birthday.Thanks,
I am making a castle cake for this weekend. I didn't have any fondant to use on the columns & since it isn't going to be eaten anyway I used gumpaste. I made them last night and set them to dry. I went to go apply the luster dust with a little lemon juice and it looks awful. I also tried applying the dust with a dry brush and it looked dull. What am I doing wrong? Is there anyway to get some color or accent on them. Thanks,
OMG, who said Disney is the best place on earth. No, it's this forum. You all are the best. Thank you so much and the tutorial it's a life saver. Thank you all so very much and have a wonderful Holiday. Not sure I am going to stay focus at work for the next 2 hours. I wanna go home and make my colums.
Help,I have been so inspired by all of the beautiful pictures I have decided to try a castle cake for my neice's birthday party. I will be making a yellow cake with the cake extender. 12 X 12 square and a 8" round are my pan sizes. But I have a few quick questions.1. What do you use to make the colums? I was thinking of gumpaste & fondant? Or is rice krispy covered gumpast better to use?2. Do you cut out of the cake to fit in the colums or just place them next to the...
Peace & blessing. Good luck hope it all works out.
Thank you all for responding. I will try filling it higher next time. Nobody has complained yet but I want my cakes to be as professional & beautiful looking like all of you.
bake 2 twice for one cake? I need a little advise. I made a cake last week a 2 tier 10" & 14" square both baked in a 3" pan. I used a box mix with the cake extender receipe. I filled both pans 1/2 way and it grew to about 3/4 full. (Is there a reason it rises lower when the extender is used?) The cake looked fine and the clients husband liked it when he picked up.However, it know that I just got the email with the photos and looking at the gallery cakes here that I...
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