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Thank you all so much for sharing. I make my cake this weekend and it was great. I add the dry first and stired a little then pour everything else for the 2 to 3 mins. It was wonderful and firm. Here is how you would do it just use towels instead of the wet napkins.
For those that use the cake extender with box mix help. Do you first mix the cake as directed on the box set aside then mix the extender and fold the two together? I want to try it to make the box taste more scratch but not sure how to.Thanks,
What a beautiful job. Thank you so much for sharing.
Hi all, I missed Michelle Bommarito Antique Book Cake class at the NY Convention to be able to see all the demo which didn’t happen. I was just wondering are any NYC tri state CC members interested in taking the hands on class one weekend. Let me know and I will find out all the details to having a class just for us. ThanksGrace funny. Dee: I will sure post what I come up with. I am a shopaholic but I don't know why I have 3 cake combs triagle things. I just feel like a child in the candy store when I go to the big cake store in the city. Everything looks so shinny and new. Only to go home to find I have one in the draw from the last time sill in orginal wrapping never used. Indydebi: I always want things put back to... and I never do. I can keep it neat and clean while I bake...
Happy Holidays everyone. So my New Year goal is to be more organize and take my cakes to the next level. I am focus and starting today. This after I have found I have 2 or 3 of the same items. So I am making a list and checking it twice. But I was wondering does anyone have a checklist / Spreadsheet for cake decorating supplies & equipment they are willing to share?Thanks and Happy New Year to all.
Yes, I have been studying the website for a week now. Not sure I understand what you mean. I am not planning on entering anything. I am still a student my work isn't good enough yet. So there is nothing I will be winning just money spending But I hope to learn alot and have fun.
Hi,I am so excited about the NY cake convention. I have never been to any cake affairs. All I have seen and heard is just the pictures and message which are posted here. While I have taken several class and glued to the food network and WE TV shows on cakes I am looking forward to this. I am not a professional just a cake central addict who loves making and eating cake and sell occasionally for money to buy more new cake toys. Here is my problem the cost of the...
Wow, amazing, thank you so much for sharing.
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