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Hi,Ok, what am I doing wrong? I have looked through the gallery and viewed all of the wonderful fondant covered cakes and they look beautiful so bright and perfect. No sagging, puck marks nothing. So I have been trying fondant on sample cakes for my family & co workers and well I am not getting the same look as you all. When I first roll out the fondant it looks fine. I cover my buttercream cake smoothing while I go, using 2 smoothers. Then I tried the Chef Chris...
Thank you both so very much for the help. I just could figure which would be best.
Help anyone? I am trying to make this type of cake design. ideas do I make the template on the cake pan or dummy and let it dry a little? I tried a few private messages but I guess with summer vacation the designers are not around.Help
Hi,For those who have make bridal shower wedding cakes with the fondant wedding dress that is placed on half the cake. Do you make the dress bodice & fondant “fabric draping” ahead of time and let it set or do you do it the day of decorating? Are there any tutorials? I have search and tried youtube but couldn’t find anything.Thanks,
Hi,Thank you so much I do understand the process and can't wait to leave work to go get started. While we learned a ton. We will always need you. Your our Mold Guru. Sorry, one other question this would be better as a poured mold correct?
Hi Chef,I took your class out in MA and it was outstanding. I need a little help with a lollypop I idea that I have. For the rehersal dinner I would like to make a lollypop with an M in the middle in the same momogram font my neice is using for her wedding invitations. I am lost on how to make the M since its a font and not an item I can seal or mold the silcone to. Help, is there a way to make this mold?Thanks,Grace
Hi,I am making Chocolate Pops for the first time usually only make cakes. I am concern since the weather will be 85 here on Saturday should I pass on the pops?I was going to make them and stick them on a foam board with ribbions and etc. Or should we just keep them inside the house till 10mins before cutting cake so they don't melt.
Help,I am trying to make a 3d stroller cake topper. I have tried to find a candy mold of tires to use but I can't find one. Anyone have any idea how I would make the tires for this stroller and get the treads? tips and pointers for the construction of this stroller is greatly appreciated.Thanks,
Help,I am surprising my nephew with a red velvet cake next week. I am shipping the cake from New York to Kansas. It will cost $100 to overnight so I am sending it 3rd day for $40 instead. So here is my problem. How do I send the cake for 3 day delivery and keep it fresh. I plan on baking it Saturday freezing it till Tuesday. Is there another icing other than cream cheese I can use to have the same true red velvet taste but not need refrigeration? Or is there...
Are they kidding your cakes are beautiful!! I agree just rude.
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