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Help,Sometime between August and early November there was a post with a link to a cupcake blog. It had a ton of cool recipes. I was wondering does anyone have the link or remember the website name. If I remember correctly the site listed the recipes in table form about 3 or 4 across and you click on the name to get the full recipe. Thanks,
Thank you so much. I wish I saw it last week when I ordered my silicone pastique & copy flex. Ok, placing my order Monday.
Hi Chef,In class you showed us the acrylic strip thing we can use in various positions to make our molds in. What are those strips called? What store can I purchase them in? I have been to Michaels & AC Moore and they don’t have them or know what I am talking about. Help.Thanks,GraceC
Thank you guys. That is a great website imagenthatnj , gonna check it out once I get home.
To bake cakes? How do you do that? On T.V its being used to assemble and the cake look so perfect I was thinking of trying the 10" my favorite size. But to would take up less space in my small little kitcen.
Hi,Ok I watch too much cake t.v. I am an addict. But I see cake rings used a lot and I was wondering. Are you all using them too? What's the scoop? Is it worth the money?
Thank you all for taking the time to help me. It is so appreciated.ChunkkeeMunkkee : I use oil and sour cream in my box cakes with extender mix. But for my scratch receipes (Red Velvet or chocolate) I use butter only. "Is your oven HEATING unevenly? That could be the culprit too. I have 2 oven thermometers now because I was having issues."..... How does the 2 thermometers fix the issue? I think this might be my problem. I know when I put in two cake 8" same amount...
I have found a new problem with my cakes that is driving me crazy. I was wondering does anyone else have this issue.First, I have had my oven leveled professionally and the cakes still come out uneven. I bake the cake and once out of the oven while still hot I press down any huge uneven areas before freezing.After thawing out the cake I trim a little off the top to get a nice smooth even surface and get ready to frost. I seem to find the same problem with my smaller...
You the best...who saved me $3 for the hot pink I was about to buy.No, mean take the dust and just put it into the fondant. No airbrush or vodka. Is that safe to eat?Thanks,
What color would you use to get a fuchsia color? The cake will be fuchsia & purple buttercream . Also, does anyone use dusts to color there fondant covered cake?
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