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I am hosting a cookie decorating party next Saturday at church for 35 kids and parents. I am making a dozen cookies for each person. I ordered clear plastic squeeze bottles to hold the frosting. I found a website where I ordered sprinkles and decoratings in 6 and 8 pound containers. The youngest is 1 year and the oldest will be in there 70's. Should be lots of fun. Planning a gingerbread house decorating for next year. Have fun with your party.
Has anyone made a Snowman pull apart cupcake cake? I am hosting a cookie decorating party at church next Saturday for 35 kids and was wanting to make one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
At the age of nine that girl should not be behaving like that. Can you imagine what she will be like when she is grown if she is allowed to continue to behave like this? Good luck with the cake.
If you read the reviews you will see that some are not very happy that nothing was mentioned on the broadcast that you have to purchase a license for each cartirdge that you want to use for professional use.
Why does it take so long to get the magazine? Here it is the 15th of April and I still have not received my magazine. I get the rest of my magazines by the end of the previous month or by the first week of the month. Can some one answer this question? I live in the state of Iowa.Thanks Mona
Maybe she will be the next Shawn Johnson.
I have used this cookie recipe which doesn't spread. I got it off the Internet but not sure where.6 cups flour3 tsp baking powder1 tsp salt2 cups sugar2 cups butter ( I use Blue Bonnet)2 eggs 2 tsp vanillaThis is a great recipe when using cookie cutters. It doesn't spread. Your cookies will be the same shape after you bake as they were before. This recipe makes 8 dozen 3 inch cookies. I freeze what I don't need.Cream the sugar and butter until fluffy, abut 5 minutes. ...
You guys are so creative to think of all the different possibilities for this cutter.
I have always used gas and never had a problem with cooking or baking. I want to buy a gas convection oven though. I have been checking them out on the Internet.
You could say "Another year Knocked Out""Happy Birthday Champ"
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