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thanks for the test results -- greatly appreciate it
try Geraldine Randlesome.  
Gee, liked what I saw on the Viking site but I won't be ordering from them after you've had two bad experiences. Now I'm back to not knowing where to look.  
A major pet peeve is when the design of the liner is lost or diminished  in the baking process. CK is my main supplier, but they are relatively limited in choices and their liners are not the weight/quality that I've been looking for. I've found quality ones elsewhere, but not wholesale. Suggestions?? TIA
Ahhh, KHalstead, you're adorable! My only hesitation with yours is the instant pudding. I HATE the taste of pudding mixes, especially the instant. I was thinking white chocolate instant pudding might be ok, but I hate to make a big batch only to not like it. I thought of cream cheese or sour cream, but again don't want to take the time to muddle through. Is there a flavor you've found that isn't detectable in the cookie? What happens if the pudding is omitted?  ...
Which do you like better, and why? If Khalstead's, how much sugar do you use? TIA
Are you near a cake supply store? The snowflake plunger cutters are great. Perhaps Global Sugar Arts or Sugar Delites could get them to you in time (Jennifer at Sugar Delites mails out very quickly).  
These will be for personal use, and probably decorated with both BC and RI (but not on the same cookie).  I really dislike biting into a hard, stale cookie, but need to leave time open closer to Christmas. So far I've stayed strictly with cakes for business.  
Once baked, decorated, and packaged what is the shelf life of an average cookie? TIA!
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