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sweetresults--do you add dry choc. pudding mix? If so, regular or instant?
They were baked and frozen earlier in the week, and then had defrosted and sat most of the day before icing and fondant. I did a regular-thickness icing using the large icing tip, not a crumb coat.
My experience is that a large, fully decorated cake stays good for a week. However, it can settle. The freezing suggestion is by far the best if you can make room (just eat all of the ice cream ) Be sure to at least double wrap it and squeeze out as much air as possible.
In the back of my mind I was wondering if that was the problem and hoping it wasn't. Anybody know if the "doctored" mixes work better?
I have "exhibit A" sitting on my counter right now. The new Crisco batch has yellowish oil separating out from it, and the whole mess slides easily back and forth in the container. A batch made with Holsum brand shortening from the restaurant supply store--same recipe, same method--is behaving itself nicely and doing what icing is supposed to do. Both batches were 1/2 shortening 1/2 butter.
trying again
For the chocolate: I just bought some of those heavy cellophane-type transfer strips for chocolate. What I would do is: print out the pattern on paper (slightly longer than it needs to be). Tape cellophane strip over pattern and cut it out with exacto knife to length needed to circumvent cake. Lay cutout strip on flat surface. Coat with chocolate. When set enough to move, lift and lay out on full, uncut transfer strip. When set enought to place on cake lift and move both...
I'm wondering if they placed white fondant over black and then cutout the white. I can also see how it could be done with a cutout chocolate transfer.
The three tier stained glass cake in my photos looked a lot like the Michelin tire logo guy before decorating it, and still does underneath it all. I know the new-Crisco BC slumped somewhat under the fondant (although not everywhere) and the fondant may not have been adhering all that well, but are there other things going on here? Of all the issues I thought I might deal with, sloping sides wasn't one of them! I used DH butter yellow and dark fudge, marbled; ganache...
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