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$250 minimum
Use chocolate clay in stead.
I work alone nearly all of the time, and nearly all of my orders are wedding cakes. I cover cake boards and make items that won't be eaten (poured sugar beads and scrolls, hand modeled figures, gumpaste flowers, etc.) anywhere from days to months ahead. Mondays and Tuesdays are for making buttercream and gumpaste, and coloring everything. I bake late Wed. and let the cakes rest overnight. Thursday I torte, fill, ice and fondant. Friday I decorate and Sat. deliver. For...
I don't use homemade fondant for a variety of reasons. I do use The Mat and like that I can roll thinner and more evenly with it, and need no PS or CS whatsoever. It takes many uses (10-20) to break it in so it releases well, and there's also a learning curve just like everything else. If you leave a heavier "lip" of fondant at the edge that will be coming off the mat first it helps get things going.
Yes, ibeeflower, you're right. I was about to suggest checking with Jennifer Bratko of Beyond Buttercream since she uses that, but I see she just responded. I've never used the Masa Ticino, but am considering it.
Are we neighbors?  
Jazzy your cakes are very cute and nicely done. Practice will make you faster; you will fall into a rhythm of how you do things. I would likely take 4-6 hrs. to mix, bake, torte, fill. ice, fondant and decorate the cakes you showed. If I didn't have icing on hand it would take longer; this also doesn't include shopping or invoicing. And, of course, if I was in an anal OCD mode (happens more when I only have one cake to do) it could easily take twice the amount of time. A...
Try auiswiss imports.
Crustdust are you in Michigan? My favorite tools are Google, a tiny pallette knife and my silicone work mat.  
10" -- $175  
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