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Wendy you need to get a digital kitchen scale -- it will make your life so much easier. I don't have Sharon's recipe in front of me, but I'll check tomorrow when I'm in the bakery to see if she has it listed in cups. I use 2 pounds of high ratio shortening, 5 pounds PS, and 1 - 1 1/4 cups combined liquid (creamer, water, flavorings) depending on how soft I want the icing.
SPS, absolutely. I deliver my cakes fully assembled.
I'm told the CS "spoils" under fondant, creating gas. Meanwhile, I see two things going on. First, it appears that you didn't fill and wrap your cake and let it rest overnight. I like to also set one of the cake pans on top for a little insurance. Second, your fondant looks like it wasn't kneaded well enough before rolling out -- it has quite a rough texture. Old fondant will do this, too, as will fondant that has had too much shortening incorporated into it.
MissCupcakes! CS is a DRYING AGENT! Don't use it, and don't use PS unless your fondant is too soft, which shouldn't happen with commercial fondant. Roll out using a silicone mat or The Mat, and be sure your cake is ready before you start your fondant (unless you use The Mat, in which case it will hold while you dampen your cake. I personally prefer Pettinice, Fondx or Fondariffic, but am considering taking the plunge with Massa Ticino.
Impress first. Have cake flat on table, not elevated. Be sure there is plenty of fondant for a generous skirt, even if the skirt isn't impressed with the pattern. Cup hand and gently press fondant to shoulder as you place it on cake. Keep skirt close to cake to help support patterned fondant until you are ready to smooth that area; cut off excess (leaving 1"-2") then "fluff" as needed while adhering sides with a light touch. Larger tiers are easier than smaller, and 4"...
If memory serves me right, both Martha Herbert and Sharon Zambito have done some very nice ones.
Nice job. $250. If you're in business don't do it without permission from the copyright holder.
I'd tell her the truth -- that I happened to see that she seems to have already booked her wedding cake elsewhere, and explain that I only offer free tastings to brides who are interested in booking with me. If she'd like to try my cakes then she's welcome to purchase one.
I've had something similar happen to me when a local bakery changed her business' name to be like mine. The #1 thing I've done to set myself apart from all other bakeries within 100 miles of me is to aggressively become very good at what I do. It shows in my work (haven't updated CC photos in ages, so not a good representation; sorry). The other thing I've done is to produce some display cakes. When a potential customer comes to me they can closely see what I do, and...
$250 in advance; customer pick-up
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