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By rosette do you mean the large "roses" piped covering the cake?
Looks like a cross between a rose and a gardenia.
Sorry, I don't care for it at all. However -- if this was your original design then you're doing a good job of thinking "outside of the box" and I'm sure you will come up with cakes that will wow us.
I have a bride who wants grapevine wrapped around the bottom tier and possibly burlap "ribbon" borders. I will work with the florist to be sure the grapevine "wreath" is a large enough circumference to not actually touch the cake. I told the bride to provide me with 1 1/2 yds of their burlap (that they're using for table runners, etc.) or to make the ribbon themselves by adhering clear Contac paper to the back before cutting the strips.
It appears to be rather poorly iced in ivory BC and then a rough  "spackling" of white BC applied.
Checked it out and sure enough -- urban legend. Thanks James! However, I stand by it working and the need for thorough cleaning. When I bought my 20 qt. mixer it came with a dough hook absolutely welded on from product and guck. No amount of soap and water and wiggling and jiggling budged it a hair. WD40 and a few hours' waiting and life was good again. Cleaning was easy since I only sprayed at the join.
Try mixing at a lower speed to prevent cracking.
I absolutely agree with getting all the WD40 cleaned off, but did you know its main ingredient is fish oil?
WD40 and time.
I've done cakes that look like a tool box with tools, tape measure, and roll of duct tape.The tape measure cake was very similar to the little tape measure next to the duct tape.  Any of those should work.    
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