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I'll join.
Very, very nice. What size space did you have, and how did you do samples?
Wowee -- that's a whole lotta gold! Airbrush is certainly the preferred way to go, but you can get it in an aerosol can.
Noveen -- 1 cake mix, your choice of flavor, plus 1 can of soda (I like root beer), your choice of flavor, at room temp. That's it. Mix the two together as you normally would -- although I use a slow speed and a shorter time if I can. Bake as usual. Works surprisingly well.
Used triple sink, commercial cooler, freezer. 20 qt. mixer, ss equip stands and tables, ingredient bin, speed rack, hand sink, metro shelves, storage cabinet, sheet pans and desk. New building addition, cabinets and fabulous Deluxe oven. Smallwares a mixture of used and new -- Ikea is great for these.
You can't order directly from Bakery Crafts? If you want to PM me with your contact info I'll pass it on to my rep.
Bakery Crafts SPS, absolutely.
Ducky -- I like your dangling jewels topper idea. I suggest you turn your attention to the cake board. Perhaps two drums, the top one covered with white fondant, and the larger base drum covered in the green.
I did a dessert table for my daughter's wedding: 23 separate items; 100 of each; all in individual servings; each with an attractive, unique garnish; entire thing presented beautifully on two 8' tables. We had 90 guests and very few leftovers (after a substantial buffet meal and wedding cake). Once my husband opened it to the guests--who had politely been eying it for two hours--they swooped in like a flock of vultures. One woman told me she managed to make it through 18...
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