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Your "About" page introduces you to your clients and therefore needs to be representation of who you are.
Justme50 -- I oh so hope you're right. The article was in today's Traverse City Record-Eagle.
I just finished reading a long article about who will now be required to put nutritional and calorie labeling on foods, and bakeries were included in the list. My husband heard the same thing on the news earlier today. It said that small businesses and bakeries will need to send out samples to be tested at labs (for a substantial fee). Considering the wide variety of choices that I offer, I see no possible way that I could handle doing that and it would put me out of...
Ah, so basically big boys acting like little boys. Candy melts will be fine.
Yeah, what Leah said.
You mean pillars separating each tier? This is a very outdated style and with an 8/6/4 would create a very narrow, tall cake that it seems would be rather odd-looking. To answer your question, I'm not aware of any 4" plates. That would leave you using a 6" for the top tier, which would just take everything from bad to worse.
I make all of the cake or none of the cake, and yes it's written in my policies sheet.
If you have a Gordon Food Service near you use their Bettercream. It's a stabilized whipping cream intended to use as frosting when whipped. Otherwise, use a scant teaspoon of salt for every 1 1/2 pounds of PS and some good vanilla in your icing.
rntyler: dummies are styrofoam Sugar: melted chocolate makes a great glue
I give up. What's a UFC cake???
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