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I'm currently comparing General, Avantco and Presto mostly because of price.
I'm considering selling my 20 qt. and replacing it with two 10 qt. mixers. The big bowl full of batter or icing isn't getting any lighter, and I'm not getting any younger. The Aventco has a small "wheel" to lift and lower the bowl. I'm wondering how that is to operate compared to the customary "handle" on most bowl-lift mixers. Also wondering in general how reliable this is. TIA
I've been looking for a great red velvet recipe for years. This week we tried cakeman raven's, which is the same as chefstef's. I've also made red velvet box mix. Every one of them just tastes like "cake" with no special or identifiable flavor. It's my opinion that what actually draws people to it is the yummy cream cheese frosting. Your thoughts???
I did a side by side taste test with several fondants, and Pettinice was the winner. For workability I like Pettinice, Bakery Craft's Ice 'n Easy, and Chocopan,
The bottom lace is one of Earlene's through Dominic's Marvelous Molds. The flowers look like something Jennifer would carry at Sugar Delites (she also carries Dominics line) HTH
Don't wash it. Ever. The more you use it the better it will work.
I'd say the bark is chocolate frosting in a couple of different shades, barely stirred together, and applied in vertical lines.
I'm wondering why it's imperative to have the contract if she's paid in full. Do you expect a problem?  
A 6x4 and 8x4 round will serve 36. If I was doing it for family I'd make at least a 6" and 9" or 10". If you don't have an assortment of colors to play with, I'm guessing leaf green would be your best bet. If you do, then put some water in several clear dishes, add a drop of the colors you want to try, mix and match until you get what you want. How about a 2-tier white cake with silver ribbon borders (fondant or actual ribbon), a white Gerber daisy with a pale emerald...
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