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Could you be thinking of ?
Hi Sugarrose,Yes, you will need to place the cupcake liners (papers) in a tin (former) of the same shape, otherwise they spread out and lose their shape. You can use an ordinary chocolate cake recipe to make cupcakes, just reduce the cooking time.
I would make the bow and the number all out of gumpaste only. Colour them at the same time to get the colour to match. I would put a couple of dowels in the bottom of the number to stick into the cake and then attach it with RI if it is on a fondant cake. You should be able to do all this when you make the cake, not when you deliver it. That's just my opinion though, I hate to have to do anything after delivery!
Wilton do an Ivory gel colouring. Good luck!
I agree, you still want each slice to look neat when they plate it up, but there is no need for precision smooth icing
What a fabulous idea! Your cake looks fantastic, I'm so glad you finally had the cake you were hoping for 15 years ago.
Hi I'm making a 3D Elmo Cake. Last time I made one I I used red buttercream to make his fur. This time the cake needs to travel for about an hour by car and I was wondering if it would work to pipe royal icing over ganache instead. I thought that combination might be a bit more sturdy if it warms up a little bit in the car. has anyone ever tried this? Will it work, or should I just stick to a stiff buttercream? Thanks
I think that's what surprised me the most! It was just full of grease Hopefully my trusty KA will now go on for another 30 years as well
Sorry I don't know the brand of it, Carolines packaged it up with their own label on it, (I only bought a couple of kilos of it). I wouldn't say the taste was fabulous, but I needed to cover a cake for an outside wedding in February, and I didn't want to risk it melting. The guys there at Carolines are very helpful though, I'm sure if you contacted them they could tell you what brand they sell, or maybe even help you with your modeling chocolate problem....
I've had my kitchen aid about 5 years, and after about 16 000 cupcakes and hundreds of cakes it hasn't been running as well as it used to. My husband is a mechanical fitter by trade so I've been nagging him to take a look at it and give it a service. After weeks of nagging, he finally decided he was going to pull it apart last night, right there on the kitchen bench, "just for a look". Well, oh my goodness what a mess! Take a look at the photos. He had me running around...
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