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There are several threads on here that address this information: that helps!
McCall's in Mississauga Ontario, perhaps? I don't think Golda's Kitchen does, nor Flour Confections. Those are all in the Greater Toronto Area ...
I mix my gel colours with vodka, but vanilla extract works in the same sort of way. The alcohol evaporates very quickly.
There are a few threads already buzzing about this:
Donnagardner - thanks - you are awesome! I didn't see that thread when I searched "cricut" last night. Gonna be a fun read!
OK - I am sorry to hijack this thread, but I must hear more about this Cricut. I know what a Cricut is, and I understand there are a few threads on CC regarding the new cake-specific one. However, I have never heard of using the original scrapbooking Cricut for cake stuff.I would appreciate hearing a little bit more about how this is done. Do you need to modify the machine to accommodate gumpaste versus paper? Any special attachments to buy so it can be used for gumpaste?...
I too love the WASC. I freeze my cakes as well. Sometimes, I also doctor a boxed mix to get a denser crumb and a cake more suitable to carving/covering with fondant. I use one box mix, 4 eggs, 1 cuup milk, and 1/3 cup butter (this is in place of the instructions on the box, not in addition to them).
For smoothing, I love the Melvira method. I often do a crumb coat, let chill/crust, put on my "main" coat and smooth as best I can with spatula, let cool/crust, then roll away! I am always very happy with the results I get that way.
If you are on Facebook, and haven't done so already, please join our group Ontario Cake Girlz. You have to apply to admittance, but that is just to keep out advertisers and other spammers. Please join us!
No problem. There is a tutorial with pictures on here about how to use the flower nails as heating cores. I don't know where it is, but if you do a search for it, you should find it.
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