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When I did it, I just used melted candy melts, and I didn't add anything to them.
Are you using BC or fondant?
Yes, the Melvira method is for crusting BC only. I have found parchment paper, computer paper (a la Sugarshack), etc., not to be very effective for me. I use the Melvira method on all my BC cakes. I bought the high density foam rollers at Canadian Tire. I washed them in dish soap and dried them first. I use them only for cakes. Never had a problem. This is the method that works best for me.
There are a few threads going on about this device:
Sorry to hear that. I use Americolor red almost exclusively, and I find I can get a nice red from it. Some people colour their white icing a dark pink first and then add red, since it's easier to get a nice red from a pink base than a white one.
I just tried the first link, and it worked. Please let me know if the others don't, and I will try again! those links work. They have in the past, so if they do not, it might be a CC issue????
sheila - that's weird???? They work when I go to my Watched Topics list?? If you do a search on this site for "Cricut" you'll get the threads that way, and maybe that will take you right to them? Sorry I can re-try to post them.
I put fondant pieces on buttercream all the time. If they are going on the top of the cake, just press them on lightly. For pieces going on the side, I find either a gentle tap into the bc or, as Texas_Rose says, a light brush of water on the back is perfect. The Wilton pre-made is fine to use. I do all the time. However, it doesn't taste super wonderful. I use it for small accent pieces, some of which may be eaten but only in small quantities. I would not cover a cake in...
There are a few threads on here that answer a lot of these questions (and more!): (the same one noted by costumeczar) Hope that helps!
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