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I too love Satin Ice and am looking forward to trying it. This is the first I've heard of it - and who knows when we will get it in Canada?? We can get usual Satin Ice at a few places, but the new buttercream...
The FBCTs in my photos (the Coke cake, the jungle cake, Ariel, etc.) are all done of just the picture itself with no "backing" icing layer on it. I find that it gives the FBCT a nice 3D effect to have it sit a tiny bit off the icing layer on top of the cake. The Coke cake really had that effect, and it worked very well.
Me neither. A tip 1 or 2 is usually fairly thin for outlining. Maybe a thicker icing? Also, I don't do that "back layer" of icing on the back of an FBCT because it does smoosh it a lot. Also, I do all of mine on a piece of parchment paper taped to a piece of plexiglass. I tape my pic to my countertop and lay the plexiglass with waxed paper over it. That way, I can pick up the plexiglass from time to time and view it from underneath to check for errors, squiggly lines, etc....
I use one or more upside down (greased) metal flower nails in most of my pans over 10" (although I will use one in my 8" pan that's 3" high. For a 14" pan, I use three of them. I also use bake even strips. I find the hole made by a flower nail is much easier to disguise than the one made by a heating core.
I'd go with a bit thicker icing. What sized tip did you use?
If you do a search for Cricut on here, you will find many, many threads on it. Most are VERY informative and detailed.
I saw Duff`s fondant and buttercream at Michael`s for the first time yesterday. Pricey!
I make mine on a waxed paper covered piece of plexiglass (instead of a cookie sheet) so I can lift it up and peek underneath it while I am making it. That way, if I have any gaps or squiggles, I can work them out from the back side (the side facing you) with a toothpick or a paintbrush while I am doing the FBCT. No unwelcome surprises later, when the thing is frozen and I have it on the cake while I`m peeling back the waxed paper!
You can buy or rent an open book cake pan too if you don't like to carve.
I love my tappits too. I have all the letters/numbers and the one with the scroll" type edging patterns. I use fondant with some gum-tex powder worked into it. As this tutorial says, roll it very thin and let it sit for a few minutes before even going for the tappits. I use powdered sugar to roll mine out also. I find dark colours OK when I use a dry paint brush to dust away any powdered sugar, and a super light brush with shortening (or vodka as mentioned) solves the...
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