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I do just a bit more than a crumb coat, but less than a full BC layer than I would do if there were no fondant. I did a full layer of BC under fondant once, and it was way squishy! When I smoothed the fondant, the BC came out the bottom!
I use a variation of this recipe all the time. Since I like some butter in mine, I use half-butter, half hi-ratio shortening (sometimes, I use 3/4 shortening and 1/4 butter, just depends). Works just perfectly. I've never done an all-butter substitute though.
Thanks, Rae!
I freeze my cake layers every time - undecorated and well wrapped. It also makes a difference whether your decorated and frozen cake was covered in fondant or BC.
I buy mine from Golda`s Kitchen or Flour Confections. Golda`s also has fondarific if you are interested in trying that.
If you are wanting a doctored box mix that is perfect for a stacking or fondant covered cake, you might try the White Almond Sour Cream cake (recipe on here under recipes). It`s VERY moist and sturdy. My family isn`t big on almond flavouring, so I just double the vanilla and keep everything else the same. Makes a great wedding cake!
I do all of my fondant painting with gel colours mixed with vodka or rum. I paint with luster dust the same way.
Sharon Zambito (Sugarshack) uses it in her buttercream. You could PM her and ask her about it.
Rae,I have a "handling" question since I too roll out my Satin Ice (well, any fondant really) on shortening. However, I usually put mine on the cake with the side that was facing the mat, facing up on the cake. While it is harder to smooth that way, I find patting it with the duster thingy works to allow the fondant smoothers to do their job (and the white "dust" usually just blends itself into the fondant with the smoothing). However, this isn't a great method with really...
Yes, fondarific's is great. I am interested to see what Satin Ice has come up with.
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