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HTH = hope this helps
Have you tried coloring the icing dark pink first and then adding red? I find you need less red color when working from a dark pink base than from white, which means less bad taste, and the dark pink doesn't require a lot of color.
You will love a Kitchen Aid. I buy all my fondant - Satin Ice, Fondarific are great tasting. Wilton is great for non-edible accessories. Most bought fondant comes in such great colors that I don't often "dye" it myself anymore, but you can use either gel or powder colors to make it whatever color you want. When I stick fondant to fondant, I just give it a light brush with water. I use gum glue for more heavy duty stuff. For BC, I use a combo of Indydebi's and Sugarshack's...
When I make a bow - and I have one made that I need for tomorrow - I use fondant mixed with Gum-tex powder. I hate trying to color gumpaste, and because fondant comes in so many great colors, I can just use that with some gum-tex and get the best of both sides. The fondant is pliable and has such nice colors, and the gum-tex powder makes it dry like gumpaste. Mine has to stand up on the cake as well. I considered inserting toothpicks or skewers into it while still "soft"...
I use it in my BC. It's more of a taste thing, I think? I like it in there.
Are Fondarific and Duff's fondant the same thing? I thought they were separate. I have bought Duff's fondant (when I have a half-off coupon at Michael's), Fondarific, and Satin Ice. I am hoping to try FondX soon. I can't buy Fondarific and Duff's at the same place. I can only get Duff's at Michael's, which I think is an exclusive arrangment in Canada anyway, and I get Fondarific at my local cake supply store.
I have also used pie fillings as cake filling, but I mix in some clear, unflavoured gelatin and refrigerate it to make it more sturdy. That plus a thick icing dam has been fine.
Getting a really true red does take a fair bit of coloring, and some brands color better than others. I color my white buttercream a dark pink first, and then add red. It's easier to get a nice red from a dark pink base than a white base. Color will also darken as it stands, so if I want a dark red/black, I color it the night before if I can. Looks great the next day!
I have made a Coke cake - the recipe is on the Coke website. It's a very dense cake but tasty. The primary liquid ingredient is Coke.
I don't think you can colour buttercream a true "gold" as far as being shimmery. I've painted fondant and gumpaste letters and such both gold and silver (pearl dust) but not buttercream.
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